Photo by NicoleBell.Photography

Better Boot Productions is a video production company created to capture Louisiana culture. Real Louisiana culture. Not the stereotypical stuff that you might see on shows like Cajun Swamp Bayou People. The culture that is being molded, developed and created every day by the artist, entrepreneurs and movers and shakers that make Louisiana the most unique state in the country.

Better Boot Productions founder and Senior Producer Sam Stokes created Better Boot Productions with the mission to tell the untold stories of the people creating the future of Louisiana. Because while headlines and news feeds may be filled with news of doom and gloom about the next generation, the truth is the future is in good hands. It’s being molded and crafted every day through the efforts of  hardworking young people with passion and vision. Their stories, through their eyes, told in their words. We want to work with the people who are making a difference. The people who inspire us. The people who little by little, every day, make the boot state better.

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